Meet Your New DMAA 2016-17 Cabinet Officers

JOCELYN CRUZ-GARCIA: DMAA President Creativity is embodied by the Digital Media Arts Academy. Becoming a part of this creative force of EDHS, would be an honor and a privilege. I had always been super involved with the DMAA events and programs and my past junior year I was secretary and treasurer for DMAA . These positions have taught me the responsibility of leading and being able to multi manage. I am interested in becoming the President of the DMAA. The DMAA has changed my life and means so much to me and the success of future generations of DMAA is something I look forward to being a part of. As a part of the DMAA cabinet I hope to ensure a successful year that runs smoothly, and as pre

Upcoming Photography Field Trips

These field trips are reserved for Advanced Photography & AP Photography students only. If room becomes available, underclassmen DMAA Photo students will be notified. There may be possible field trip costs. Mark your calendars for these upcoming photography field trips: Wed, November 2nd- Canon Photo Center Field Trip (9:30 am to 2:30 pm)- Bus Provided Sat, February 25th- Bower's Museum Field Trip: Frida Kahlo & Imogen Cunningham Photography Exhibits (10 am to 2 pm)- Bus Provided Fri, March 24th- Huntington Gardens Field Trip (9 am to 3 pm)- Bus Provided

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