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2017 OC Film Festival Nominations

2017 Orange County Film Festival El Dorado Nominations

The following El Dorado High School films, programs and individuals earned nominations for the upcoming 2017 Orange County Film Festival, to be held on January 7, 2016. This year's OCFF will be held in the Performing Arts Center on the campus of El Dorado High School.

Best Broadcast - HAWK TALK - (News Directors: Caleb Garrett ‘17 and Kaila Sahagun ‘17)

Best Short Film - “Finding Me” - Directed by Katie Ann O’Keefe ’16 and Kaila Sahagun ‘17

Best Actor - Michael Deschaine ‘18 - “Finding Me”

Best Editing - Kyle Reed ’17 - “Finding Me”

Best Musical Score - Brad Valentine - “Finding Me”

Best Cinematography - Katie Ann O’Keefe ‘16 - “Finding Me”

Best Producers - Katie Ann O’Keefe ‘16 and Charles Brunner ‘16 - “Finding Me”

Best News Anchor - Raphael H. Perdomo ’16 - HAWK TALK

Best Show Open - “The Mystery of Hawk Talk” - Kaila Sahagun ‘17

Tickets for the OCFF can be purchased on the OCFF website for $25.

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