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Directing Change Award Winners

Our DMAA freshmen video students recently participated in the Directing Change Program and Film Contest. Directing Change is a program whose mission is to educate young people about critical health topics through the medium of film and promote social justice by changing conversations in schools and communities. 10 of our films were recognized and won awards in the categories of SUICIDE PREVENTION, MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS, and THE ART OF SELF LOVE AND SELF-ESTEEM.

Congratulations to:

SUICIDE PREVENTION - Honorable Mention

“Suicide Prevention” Filmmakers: Isaac Ruiz, James Hansen, Tara Powell, and Diego Bustamante

SUICIDE PREVENTION - Honorable Mention “Knock Knock Knock” Filmmaker: Caleb Lim

SUICIDE PREVENTION - Honorable Mention “Fine” Filmmaker: Sabrina Cosette Altamirano

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS * First Place: “Signs” (Advancing to statewide round of judging) Filmmakers: Justin Guest, Harmaan Mohta, Mitchell Jones, and Meyson McComb

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - Honorable Mention “The Waters Will Calm” Filmmaker: Karina Ramirez

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - Honorable Mention “Together – Spoken Word” Filmmaker: Macy Patterson

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS - Honorable Mention “Every Mind Matters” Filmmakers: Katie Llewellyn, Chloe Samson, and Alina Patel

Monthly Prompt: The Art of Self Love * First Place: “Letting Go” A Film By: Tahlia Pompel and Samantha Mar

Monthly Prompt: The Art of Self Love Third Place: “I Love Myself” A Film By: Katie Park, Charis Park and Reese Morio

Monthly Prompt: The Art of Self Love - Honorable Mention “Take Care of Yourself” A Film By: Kaitlyn Hertzler and Samantha Turner


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