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Congratulations to all El Dorado student artists who created an original piece of art based on the Reflections theme “I Will Change the World By...” These EDHS artists had entries submitted to the PYLUC level of competition and their entries will be on display at the Reflections Showcase on Monday, March 7th. Two EDHS Student Artist’s entries were chosen at the Fourth District PTA competition: Zoey Rodriguez & Julia Olszewska. The results of the competition will be announced and on display Saturday, Feb. 12th, 1:00-4:00 pm, at OCDE.

The EDHS competition finalists are:

Film Production - Zoey Rodriguez, Riley Mills, & Ruby Schultz

Photography - Julia Olszewska, Jessica Robson & Julia Steen

Visual Arts - Mikka Oda

Literature - Julia Olszewska

Music Composition – Brian Keane

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