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Zane Zietlow is the DMAA Student of the Week!

Congratulations to the DMAA Student of the Week for December 20-26 - EDHS Video Student, Zane Zietlow! The Hawk Talk News Directors had this to say about Zane: "Zane has stepped up tremendously both inside and outside the classroom. Zane has tackled film challenges head on, and has volunteered like no other. He is always willing to take roles in order to help others, and seeks joy in that. Zane is a natural leader with his selfless attitude. He works so diligently in all 3 branches - film, hawk talk, and live events. Not only is he one of the first people to volunteer for any and everything, he also has a heart to learn and to help others. I can always count on Zane to work hard and keep a smile on both of our faces. A very well deserved award for such a talented and outstanding student." Congratulations Zane, keep up the amazing work!!


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