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Upcoming Video Contests

Hi DMAA students and future DMAA students. Many students often sit around and wait until they get class assignments to do any creative work. That is a silly idea. If you want to learn and improve, you should always be working and thinking about your craft. Here are some PSA / Video contests that might inspire you. Many of these have significant amounts of prize money available for the winners. Remember, you can always check out DMAA equipment to work on these projects if it is available. Good luck.

LISTEN CAREFULLY - 30 second PSA to Raise Awareness about noise induced hearing loss. Due January 11th. Prize is a GoPro and a Maddie & Tae concert for your school.

CSPAN'S 2016 STUDENT CAM VIDEO CONTEST - Middle + High School students, follow the 'Road to the White House'. Create 5-7 minute documentary videos. $5000 top prize. Due January 20th.

COURAGEOUS PERSUADERS - Make a 30 second PSA about the dangers of drinking (targeted at middle school age students) or the dangers of texting and driving. Due February 11. Tons of money available!

BULLIES ARE THE COWARDS OF THE WORLD VIDEO CONTEST - Make a music video with an anti-bullying message. $500 top prize. Due February 15th.

SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER 2016 STUDENT VIDEO CONTEST - Students, create a video about human rights activism. Winners get screened at Tribeca. Due February 21st.

WORLD OF 7 BILLION - Students, examine the effects of global population growth in a video under 60 seconds. - Deforestation, Public Health and Water Scarcity all have top prizes of $1000 dollars each. Due February 25th -

ASMF SLEEP STORY 2016 STUDENT VIDEO CONTEST - Students, help shine a light on the effects of sleep problems. Videos are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Due February 29th.

DIRECTING CHANGE FILM CONTEST - California youth, make a video about mental health or suicide prevention. 60 second PSA. Winners get up to $500 in each category. Due March 1st.

ADVOCACY IN ACTION VIDEO CONTEST - Make a 60 second PSA or 5-7 minute movie to protect your community from chemical facilities. $1000 top prize in each film category. Due March 18th.

PROJECT YELLOW LIGHT - 25 or 55 second video to encourage your peers to avoid driving while distracted. $5000 top prize. Due April 1st. -

'STOP TEXTING & DRIVING' VIDEO SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST - HS + college students, help spread this safe driving message. Due May 1st. 30 - 60 second YouTube video. $1000 top prize.

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