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Meet Your New DMAA 2016-17 Cabinet Officers


Creativity is embodied by the Digital Media Arts Academy. Becoming a part of this creative force of EDHS, would be an honor and a privilege. I had always been super involved with the DMAA events and programs and my past junior year I was secretary and treasurer for DMAA . These positions have taught me the responsibility of leading and being able to multi manage. I am interested in becoming the President of the DMAA. The DMAA has changed my life and means so much to me and the success of future generations of DMAA is something I look forward to being a part of. As a part of the DMAA cabinet I hope to ensure a successful year that runs smoothly, and as president I make a promise to connect the younger freshmen and our oldest seniors to cooperating together and learning through art, for an equal respect of all the art forms and encouraging involvement and recognition. Being a link crew leader at El Dorado for my junior year and upcoming senior year, has also taught me leadership skills and the responsibility of setting up meetings and managing details. DMAA has played a significant part in my life because of the leaders who lead, and I hope to be apart of that legacy.

SALLY CHEW: DMAA Vice-President

I would like to run for vice president! My junior year I have already served on the DMAA cabinet as publicity. I am focused and have ideas to improve our DMAA family! This will be my senior year and I will be committing myself to my passions such as photography and my friends and family - DMAA covers both! I have a flexible schedule and always bring my all. I'm very excited to have been apart of DMAA for my fourth and final year of high school! :)


Hello, My name is Adam Gorny. I am have been in Hawk Talk for the past few years as well as have been an active member in the DMAA program. I am looking to become a cabinet member for the following reasons: El Dorado has become a new home and community for me every since I transferred here after 8th grade. Specifically coming for the video program, I was eventually immersed in the wide variety of different media formats. Going and participating in the various DMAA events thoroughly impacted my freshman and sophomore years in the best of ways. Now, being in Hawk Talk and making films I am doing exactly what I came here for with a lot more knowledge than I thought I would have ever had. Although DMAA has taken priority, by coming here for the program I have been exposed to all the other great programs and activities at El Dorado. The main reason why I would like to participate in the DMAA program is that I would like to see more integration amongst the different DMAA tracks. The classes could help one another in many different ways and should work together just like they do in the industry. Furthermore, I feel the club itself could be enhanced through better communication and activity. As a developed leader, I could help within the leadership and organization of DMAA just as I have helped with my many other activities. Thank-You for your consideration and I look forward to finishing off my DMAA course next year.


Dear DMAA Directors,

I would love if you would consider me for the position of Junior DMAA Rep. and Treasury/Secretary for the DMAA student council. I am more than willing to hold these positions because DMAA is what I care most about at El Dorado and I can guarantee I will always be involved to ensure the welfare of the Academy. I am a very good listener, quick note taker, and I love working with my fellow DMAA classmates. Last year I was the Sophomore Rep. and in all honesty it was an amazing experience getting to be a part of a council of my friends and make decisions about something we all care so deeply about. So in the year ahead I would like to hold these positions so I can continue to work hard along side the rest of the cabinet to help plan the future for DMAA. Thank you for your consideration.

FAITH DAILY: DMAA Event Coordinator

My name is Faith Daily and I have been an active member of DMAA since freshman year. DMAA has been like a second family to me over the past 3 years and I would love to continue the family atmosphere throughout next year by planning the events and parties for our wonderful program! This past year's parties and special events were so much fun and I have learned a lot by helping assist Mrs. Ross with field trips, class parties, and senior night. Watching Nicolette do this job taught me a lot and I think that I would be the perfect person for the job especially because I want to be a company special projects manager for my career.

Thank you for your consideration!

MOLLIE WRIGHT: DMAA Senior Rep/ Photo Correspondent

My entire DMAA experience has been so crucial and pivotal to the person that I am today. Before high school, I was never particularly amazing at anything until I tried photography; and with the help of amazing teachers and peers, I was able to unveil my true self. Even though we, as a program, have struggled greatly over the past couple years, I am still amazed at how we were able to stay strong and grow as a community of loving and genuine people. I would love to be on the cabinet simply because I would love to show those coming into DMAA for the first time how important it can be. I would like to be a leader and make certain that this program remains a cornerstone in the foundation of this school. I love this school and this program and I believe that I would make a great choice for any of the positions listed below. Thank you for considering me.

CALEB TERAN: DMAA Sophomore Rep/ Video & Animation Correspondent

Hello I’m Caleb Teran and I would like to be in the DMAA Cabinet. I would like to be a part of the DMAA Cabinet because I like to lead people and help other if they need it. This will also keep me busy in class and at home. I also would like to be someone who just doesn’t make videos and takes pictures but also holds meetings and keeps track of certain things that need to be done at a certain time. I would also want to be a responsible DMAA student who doesn’t only care about himself, but of the people around me. I would want people to see that I’m a leader who people can trust to get work done and can stay on task.

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