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UCI is Hosting a Saturday Filmmaking Academy on November 5th

UCI is hosting a Saturday Filmmaking Academy on Saturday, November 5th for middle school and high school students. The cost is $35. See their website to learn more.

Join UC Irvine DigiFilm and get on-set experience in filmmaking! Students learn the basics of directing and creative story-telling, as well as receive hands-on training with camera and lighting equipment.

Weekend Academies in the Arts are day-long events for middle and high school students and their parents to participate in workshops, panel discussions, and tours, and to attend a related arts event. The Academies are a great way to get to know the offerings here at UC Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts, whether you have your eye on applying to colleges and universities next year or in a few years. Parents and teachers get some good information not only about our programs, but also about the opportunities available to young people who continue their arts education.

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