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DMAA Film "Finding Me" Screened at NGF Film Festival

A recent story in OC Weekly had this to say about the 2016 EDHS DMAA short film "Finding Me" that was screened at the Next Generation of Filmmakers (NGF) Film Festival (Dec 16-17) in Santa Ana, and just earned 6 nominations for the upcoming Orange County Film Festival on January 7, 2017. "Finding Me" was directed by Katie Ann O'Keefe '16 and Kaila Sahagun '17, stars Michael Deschaine '18, was edited by Kyle Reed '17 and Abdullah Ghazal '17, and was produced by Katie Ann O'Keefe '16 and Charles Brunner '16.

From the OC Weekly:

"High School Films. It's probably a product of wider access to video streaming platforms, higher-quality digital tools or a more mobilized DIY spirit, but some of these kids already got serious film game—Scorsese-level game. It's a mood booster. (In my day, I had to make do with shooting on Hi-8 format.) Finding Me is a short about a young boy named Timothy making an Into the Wild-like journey of self-discovery to discard societal conventions and figure out what life's really about (man, I hope he fares better than Chris McCandless did). And Deep End is an experimental film that unravels internal thoughts on personal relationships, including "the thought of never letting the people you value the most know how you feel about them," per the film synopsis."

Here is the whole article on the NGFFF event:

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