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DMAA Students Nominated for Orange County Artist of the Year Awards

The Orange County Register officially announced the nominees for Orange County Artist of the Year in yesterday, and four of our DMAA seniors, Caleb Garrett, Kyle Reed, Jocelyn Cruz-Garcia, and Kaila Sahagun are among the nominees taken from throughout all of Orange County. The top 10 nominees in each category will be announced as finalists by OC Register on April 7th.

Caleb, Kyle and Kaila were all nominated in the film category, and Jocelyn is a nominee in the 2D visual art category. Congrats to you all!

The OC Register article on the 2d Visual Art Nominees can be found here online:

The OC Register article on the Film Nominees can be found here online:

There are a handful of other EDHS Golden Hawk students nominated in other categories as well. Cailyn Tepleton is a nominee in the 3d art category, Katarina Blagojevic, Camryn Burns, and Rachel Gray are nominees in the theatre category, and Carissa Hamann and Chloe Lawson are nominees in the dance category.

Here is the text of the main OC Register article:

It’s time again to recognize Orange County’s talented arts students as we announce the 2017 nominees for the Register’s annual Varsity Arts Artist of the Year awards. Visual and performing arts teachers from every high school in the county had the opportunity to nominate standout students in the fields of theater, dance, film, vocal music, instrumental music, 2D visual arts and 3D visual arts.

In this, our fourth year, a total of 407 students were submitted by 68 Orange County high schools. Once nominated, the students submitted an application that included videos of performances, samples of artwork and questions about how they developed a passion for their craft.

Following this initial nomination, a panel of arts educators will choose the top 10 students in each discipline to move on to a round of in-person interviews. Top 10s will be announced on Sundays beginning March 26. The top Artist of the Year for each discipline will be announced on April 23.

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