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Photography at OC Fair 2017

If you are going to the OC Fair this summer, please check out the Visual Arts Building to see EDHS Photography!

Please congratulate:

Zachary Cooper “Imagination”

Tabitha Rogers “Golden Abstract” & “Inquisitive Eyes”

Kodie Spann “Captured Atmosphere”

Natalie D’Allura “Glass Portrait”

Rachael Pinoliar “Two Red Flowers” & “Guided Sunlight” & “Bright Bouquet”

Alyssa D’errico “Aligned”

Lexie Ward “Footprints in the sand”

Grace Real “Bleeding Rain”

Wyatt Breneman “Smooth Tides”

Ashley Woehrmann “Beyond” & “Rustic Bridge” & “Somewhere on the Beach”

Katelyn Conaway “New Footsteps”

John Thomas “Found”

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