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Two DMAA Film/Broadcasting Students Selected as 2019 OC Register Artist of the Year Nominees

On Sunday, March 10, the Orange County Register, in partnership with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), announced the 2019 Artist of the Year nominees. Two DMAA Film/Broadcasting students were selected as 2019 OC Register Artist of the Year Nominees.

Joe Siroonian

“Joe has a great team of filmmaking friends who work on film projects inside and outside of our class. This group of his recently made a horror film for Halloween and a romantic comedy. As a teacher, I love to see students this excited about their art.” — Mark Switzer, El Dorado High School

Joeli Schwartz

“If I had to pick one are where Joeli excels, it would be in producing. She is a very good filmmaker, editor, and cinematographer, but is really gifted at seeing the whole picture and bringing all of the elements together. That’s what makes her so valuable to our broadcast.” — Mark Switzer, El Dorado High School

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