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DMAA Students Recognized at PYLUSD School Board Meeting

DMAA student, Ethan Lee ’20 and his filmmaking team were honored tonight at the PYLUSD School Board Meeting. Their film, Ismétlés (which means Repetition in Hungarian) was a finalist in the Annual Chapman Holocaust Art and Writing Contest, and was also recently honored at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, as an official film selection for the museum’s film festival. Ismétlés, like all of the artwork in the Chapman University competition, was inspired by words of a holocaust survivor.

Teachers, Dana Macintosh and Christine Williams sponsored and coordinated all of the entries from El Dorado students for the Chapman Contest, and Ethan made the film collaboratively with DMAA students, Ava Siniscalchi ’21, Joeli Schwartz ’19, Hailey Featherston ’21, and honorary Hawk Talk (YLHS) student Andy Martinez. Ava is also a member of our EDHS Dance Team and her dancing is featured throughout the film.

Ismétlés has a strong political message, honors the words of the holocaust survivor, and definitely represents the views and voice of the filmmaker. A significant achievement for all artists.

Here is the link to the video -

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