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The DMAA Early Application Deadline is Approaching on January 17th

The EARLY ACTION APPLICATION DEADLINE to apply to El Dorado High School's Digital Media Arts and ED Law Academies is approaching on January 17, 2020.

The regular application deadline is February 14th. The cutoff time for both applications is midnight (at the end of those days.).

We began offering an early action application option last year. We will be able to notify all of our early applicants with completed applications of their acceptance by February 7th. Students applying by the regular deadline will be notified on March 1st. There is no special consideration given to students who apply prior to the early action deadline and no requirement that early action applicants accept admission if offered. Early action simply allows applicants and their families to learn their acceptance status several weeks sooner than regular action applicants.

The DMAA and ED LAW applications can be found online @

Both applications require a recommendation from a mentor. Those links can be found online @

Please read through all finish all of the required parts of your application so it can be considered COMPLETE.


DMAA applicants need to submit a written response, an artwork sample, and get a recommendation by January 17th as part of their application.

ED LAW applicants need to submit a written speech and get a recommendation by January 17th as part of their application. They will also need to present their speech at one of two dates (January 24th or 27th). Applicants can sign up for times on the ED LAW APPLICATION website.

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