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DMAA Students of the Week 11/20-11/26

This week's DMAA Students of the Week, for November 20-26, are Sophia Mayer from the Photography Pathway, and Dorna Mohajeri from the Video Pathway.

Sophia Mayer's AP Portfolio revolves around music and how certain songs can be the lyrics for your life. Sophia is a 2 year member of DMAA in the photography pathway and has always put her heart and soul into every photo she takes. Sophia plans to be a fiction writer and has applied to several Cal State Universities. We are so proud of Sophia and so glad she decided to be a part of our program!

Dorna Mohajeri is a four-year DMAA video production student. This year, Dorna is serving as one of the executive producers for the Hawk Talk Podcast, but she is also actively involved in Hawk Talk, our Film Productions Group, Live Events, and she also does side projects as an editor. Last year, Dorna was a nominee for OC Artist of the Year in the editing specialty. Congrats, Dorna, and thank you for all of your hard work! We are so proud of you!


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