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The EARLY-ACTION Deadline to Apply to the DMAA for 2021 is this Friday, January 8th


For anyone interested in joining either of El Dorado High School's two Career-Link-Academies (ED LAW or the Digital Media Arts Academy) the early-action deadline to apply is this Friday, January 8th. Applicants should be aware that our EDHS programs have a rigorous application process. Both require recommendations and materials to be submitted for evaluation as part of the application, and therefore they take some time to complete. The final deadline for 2021 to apply to the ED LAW Academy is February 5, 2021 (interviews are scheduled after that) The final deadline for 2021 to apply to the Digital Media Arts Academy is February 19, 2021 The ED LAW application is online @ The DMAA application is online @ Watch our SHOWCASE video online @

Please feel free to forward, post and share.

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