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Summer Workshop Promo Video

The 2015 DMAA Summer Workshops were held from June 23-25. Nearly 60 El Dorado students attended and worked with our instructors. Here is the promo - recap video produced for the workshops. We hope to get the student videos up on the web soon.

Thanks to our instructors:

Emmy Award winning cinematographer - Curt Apduhan

EDHS grads - Kristen Lindner, Angel Ruiz, Libby Blood and Josh Hernandez

DMAA Theater and Language Arts teacher - Kathleen Switzer

DMAA Social Science teacher - Sunshine Cavalluzzi

DMAA Social Science teacher - Brendan Newberry

Photography and Animation teacher - Audra Ross

Video Production teacher - Mark Switzer

This promo video was produced and edited by Libby Blood and Angel Ruiz.

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