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El Dorado Film Festival

Please join us for the 15th annual El Dorado Film Festival on Friday, May 18th in the PAC. The entertainment starts at 6:30pm with a jazz combo and fun. The screening is scheduled to start at 7pm. It is free - but donations are gladly accepted to offset the cost of the event and our program. Suggested donation in $5.

Unfortunately we could not screen everything that was submitted - here is the official list of films being screened and the name of the student submitting the film:

Cris Karraa Bell Game Promo 2017

Cris Karraa Water Tower Game Promo

Cris Karraa St Paddy's Day "Wear Green" Promo 2018

Ashley Martinez An Adventure through Bowling and Time Travel

Ashley Martinez Passionfruit

Emily JHenderson Winter Formal Promo

Emily JHenderson Local Track Camp

Brian Kluver Zeepzorp

Brian Kluver Red Ribbon Week Promo

Brian Kluver It's Saxy Time

Ray Nelson Drive smart now

Hailey Featherston Choo Choose Life

Joeli Schwartz Sakteboard Rack

Nikki Castillo Try It Out

EMILY SWEET Catch Me if You Can

Allie Bennett DMAA Photography documentary

Jenna Fulton Karate on Wheels Spot Feature

Haley Kim Where the Sidewalk Ends

Hailey Stoller Make It Home Safe

JennaFulton PPPSA

Ethan Lee El DO StompExperimental Film

Kristin Granek The Little ThingsShort Film

Natalie Henderson Why Do You Hate 64.28% of Your LifeShort Film

Joeli Schwartz Eagle Eye News (Rough Cut)Short Film

Elisha Chu Sadie's Dance Promo

Elisha Chu Homecoming- Empire State of Mind

morgen stark Game Over

BrianKluver Whiteout

Mallory Dirks Tails That Teach

Joeli Schwartz Electric Love

Alex Zambrano Keep Dirt Out of Your Body

Kristen Mabry The Greatest Game Ever

Ashley Martinez Bringing Hope

Ashley Martinez An Empire State of Mind

Ashley Martinez The D.M.

brian powers tabula rasa

Tommy Pulido DMAA PROMO

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