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The DMAA at El Dorado High School is running a full day filmmaking event on Saturday, April 27th for all new, current and future DMAA students. The El Dorado Film Challenge begins at 8am and teams have until 5pm to complete their music videos. All teams will be given the same song to create a music video. DMAA grads and Advanced Video students will be on hand to serve as mentors and possibly actors.

Students can sign up with teams in advance or just show up and join a team. This is a great social event for students and the goal is for students to have fun, make a film, and meet new students in the DMAA.

A pizza lunch with drinks will be provided for all students who want to contribute $5. (Bring money on the day of the event). Otherwise, please bring water, snacks and a lunch to help get you through the day.

If you can only attend for part of the day, please be sure to let your teammates know your schedule. The day can generally be broken down into the following (estimated) blocks of time. 8-10am planning, 10am to 2pm filming, 2pm to 4/5pm editing. Lunch will arrive around 12pm for those who purchase food, but students are able to set their own production schedule and lunch break times.

We hope to see you there!

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