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Friday, January 24th was a big night for El Dorado's Advanced Film and Broadcasting students. The El Dorado students earned 14 nominations from the upcoming Orange County Film Festival. This is the most nominations the program has had in years! The OCFF screening will take place on February 14th and winners announced on February 15th: EDHS Nominations from the 2020 Orange County Film Festival Best Short Film - Hold On (Natalie Henderson and Aydan Reeve) Best Short Film - How I Ruined Prom (Joeli Schwartz and Ethan Lee) Best Spot Feature - Homerun (Joseph Dorf) Best Spot Feature - Rise Above (Emily Sweet) Best Music Video - Lemon Boy (Allie Bennett and Zoe Morales) Best Music Video - After Dark (Emily Sweet and Natalie Henderson) Best Music Video - Painkiller (Haley Kim, Nikki Castillo and Ethan Lee) Best Story - Hold On (Aydan Reeve and Natalie Henderson) Best Director - Aydan Reeve (Hold On) Best Editor - Aydan Reeve (Hold On) Best Actor - Falit Bakshi (Hold On) Best Original Score - Hold On - Brady Branham (Canyon HS) Best Production Design - Hold On - Allie Bennet Best Broadcast Anchor - Joe Dorf - Hawk Talk

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