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DMAA Graphic Design Update


Our graphic design classes have been working on a variety of interesting projects. The Digital Design & Illustration classes have designed full color t-shirts and are currently working on a direct marketing flyer for Chuck-E-Cheese. The Visual Communications classes have been creating portrait illustrations, phone App Icons, and are now working on a similar t-shirt project. The Advanced and Honors graphic design classes have mixed responsibilities as they began the school year by taking work-based learning projects with real companies who've agreed to be their clients at no charge. This program, known as Design Rescue, has offered pro bono design work to the community, and beyond, successfully for three years. Have a look at our ever-growing portfolio at Aside from their client responsibilities, the Advanced and Honors graphic design students have each been involved in a variety of projects, working at their own pace, ranging from studies of famous graphic design pioneers to the creation of a typographic glossaries demonstrating the anatomy and use of typography.

One final note, the abundance of t-shirt projects was brought on by the appearance of our new white toner printer which allows the ability to print and apply full color transfers to just about any material.


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