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Yoosung Jung and Jake Flores are the DMAA Students of the Week

The DMAA Students of the Week for the weeks of March 28 - April 10, are Video Production students Yoosung Jung and Jake Flores. Jake and Yoosung, their collaborators, and their films, just received 13 total nominations for the upcoming Orange County Film Festival.

Yoosung Jung is one of the most dedicated filmmakers in our class! Yoosung is always willing to push himself as an artist and takes risks on every project. Everyone can always count on Yoosung to get the job done, and to get the job done well, with his whole heart.

Jake is someone who has a vision and won’t let anything stand in his way. He has some of the most creative ideas and will fight to make them a reality. From script writing, to cinematography and editing, Jake will never settle for less than 100%. He is incredibly talented in everything he does, and will always seek the opportunity to try something new.

Congratulations Jake and Yoosung for being the DMAA students of the week! Keep up the amazing work.


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