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Tahlia Pompel is the DMAA Student of the Week

Congratulations to our DMAA Student of the Week - Tahlia Pompel. Tahlia never fails to impress her peers with her hard work ethic, diligence, and the amazing projects that she creates. Tal is one of the most dedicated people in our video production class and is willing to spend the extra hours outside of school in order to get the job done right. Not only is Tal super committed, but Tal is more than willing to take critiques and immediately apply them, as well as asking for help when needed. Tal is consistently trying new things and learning, but also striving to take advantage of every situation. She never fails to impress or find a solution to every problem. Tal is incredibly encouraging to her peers, and makes everyone around her feel loved and seen. We appreciate everything about you Tal! Congratulations!


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