Some Video Contests with Cash Prizes

Here are some student video contests coming up in next few days and months with giant cash prizes. Every year El Dorado has students who win something or other - you could be next. By the way, if you are wondering where we find these contests online, check out the website: Adobe and Imagine Dragons are offering a top prize of $25,000 to edit a music video for the band with footage provided by Adobe. Due April 8th. ThinkRite Video Challenge - make a video showing how to give meetings a purpose. Top prize is $2000 - Due April 14th. SADD - End distracted driving video contest - $5000 top prize - Due march 31st. Ninth Circuit 2017 Civics Contest - Stud

DMAA Imagination Celebration Poster Contest Finalists

Please congratulate the following DMAA Photography students who were selected in the top 30 finalists for this year's Imagination Celebration Poster Contest: Wyatt Breneman, Zach Cooper, Janna Cruz, Simon Harmon, Bryanna Myers. Their entries for the theme "Imagination: The Power of Possibility" will be included in an online contest hosted opening in April. Additionally their work will be featured in an exhibition at the Showcase Gallery in Irvine. All teachers, friends and family are invited to the reception which will take place on April 23rd. More info to come.

Recent Film Festival Nominations

Congrats to "Finding Me" by Katie Ann O'Keefe '16, Charles Brunner '16, and Kaila Sahagun '17, for being named an official selection of the prestigious SCOUT Film Festival in Stowe, Vermont, June 9-11. Also, congrats to "The Spaceman" by Caleb Garrett '17, Kyle Reed '17, Abdullah Ghazal '17, Brian Kluver '18, Adam Gorny '17 and Raphael H. Perdomo '16 for being named an official selection at the upcoming NFFTY in Seattle, Washington, April 27-30. A bunch of films also were screened and won awards at the Yorba Linda Film Festival this past weekend. Congrats everyone!

DMAA Yearbook Photo

The 2016-2017 DMAA Yearbook photo will be taken on Tuesday, March 7th during lunch. All members should be wearing their DMAA T-Shirt, or class shirt for the photo. Please be on time and go through the office to meet at the marquee by the front of the school.

Last Minute DMAA Photo Field Trip

LAST MINUTE DMAA FIELD TRIP OPENINGS! I have 20 spots open on the bus tomorrow for our photo field trip to Huntington Gardens. Field trip and tickets are completely free. I am opening this up to DMAA STUDENTS ONLY. Student must bring their permission slip to me (902) BEFORE first period. STUDENTS MUST ATTEND THEIR FIRST PERIOD CLASSES, then meet me after 1st period out in the front of school to get on the bus. Students attending this field trip MUST BE PASSING ALL COURSES. Please bring a sack lunch. First 20 DMAA students to bring their permission slips will be allowed to attend. Students can log these hours as work-based learning hours for DMAA. PERMISSION SLIP LINK Any questions please con

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