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PTSA Reflections Winners

Congratulations to the El Dorado (Unit Level) winners of the PTSA Reflections competition for 2015. Every single one of the winners for Film, Photography and Visual Art, as well as 2 of the 3 Literature winners are from the Digital Media Arts Academy. Way to represent! All of these entries now move on to the PYLUSD district level of competition.

For Film Production:

Nicole Rader (DMAA - class of 2019)

Alex Avila (DMAA - class of 2018)

Caden Anderson (DMAA - class of 2016)

For Photography:

Trinety Rodriguez (DMAA - class of 2019)

Jack Massura (DMAA - class of 2016)

Valor Thom (DMAA - class of 2019)

For Visual Art:

Bryanna Myers (DMAA - class of 2018)

Nisha Rao (DMAA - class of 2016)

Ashlen Pinault (DMAA - class of 2019)

For Literature:

Kyle Rohan (DMAA - class of 2016)

Nick Spina (class of 2017)

Haley Aaredema (DMAA - class of 2018)

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