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Cooper Cuya is the DMAA Student of the Week for September 27th

Congratulations to EDHS sophomore DMAA student Cooper Cuya for being our Digital Media Arts Academy Student of the Week for the week of September 27th! The Student News Directors (James Aksel and Joslynne VanGinkel) of the Hawk Talk class had this to say about Cooper, "He has gone above and beyond in everything that we do, is very reliable and hard wording, and constantly is wanting to learn new things and ask questions. He really is deserving of this." And, "Cooper is always willing to do the behind the scenes work that rarely gets noticed. However if he didn’t do it, EVERYONE would notice. He aspires to be the best version of himself, and by doing so he asks questions and is always the first one to extend a hand. Cooper is kind to his peers, and lifts up those around him with his authentic joy and light heart." Congratulations Cooper!


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