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The 24 Hour Film Fest

December 15th was the official (outdoor drive-in movie style) screening for the FilmED Academy of the Arts 24 Hour Film Festival. El Dorado’s music video was named the Director’s Choice award winner. The film also won awards for production design, cinematography and Best Behind the Scenes video. The director of the film was EDHS junior, Zoey Rodriguez, and our cinematographer was Tahlia Pompel. (Both are nominees for 2024 Orange County Filmmaker of the Year.) The film will be available to view online for a limited time - maybe just one week - after that, we need to take it offline to preserve our eligibility to enter the music video in other film festivals later this school year. “Lose Control” - EDHS 24 (2023) - Behind the Scenes - EDHS 24 (2023) -


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